Grants Program
Global Scholarships

Grant Qualifications and Applications


Districts first become qualified in order to receive grant funding from The Rotary Foundation. Clubs wanting to apply for district and global grants must also be qualified. The qualification process makes sure each district and club understands their financial responsibilities, including stewardship, and is prepared to take on these new responsibilities. Only one set of qualification documents need to be submitted each year regardless if the club is applying for district grants and/or global grants and scholarships.
For clubs to become qualified each year, they need to (also see further details below):

Making Application

Clubs are ready to make application after the following have occurred:
  Submit: Online District Grant Application via Clubrunner through your club's access
Global grant applications are made through Rotary International Member Access,

Qualification for Clubs

Qualifications for club eligibility include (and must be met each Rotary year):

Requirements to Maintain Club Qualification Status

Read: Global Grant Monitoring and Evaluation Plan Supplement