Posted by Mark Wittig
There is great joy when a child is born and again when they can learn about the world through books. In a few short years that child is on a tract to get a good education but if for whatever reason that child is not reading at 3rd grade level by the 3rd grade he or she is on a very slippery sloop that leads to a very difficult life.
Robyn Tresnak, PhD from the Pearl Rotary is on a mission to lead a support system so our precious children can all be on tract for a very good education. YOU LEARN TO READ SO YOU CAN READ TO LEARN.
We are creating children libraries in many apartment complexes where Robyn and volunteers  are providing literacy training. Our first goal is to get 1,000 children books to be spread out to these apartments. You and or your neighbors may have children’s books that can be repurpose to help develop a critical life skill. Let ‘s place these books where we can fuel the desire for literacy. A child who can read is on a magic carpet and the world is theirs.
Please contact Mark Wittig or Robyn Tresnak if you have some children books for this empowering project.
Robyn Tresnak
Mark Wittig