For the survey, we had 251 responses: 2 blank , 1 for the cruise , Package One 16 votes, Package Two  47 votes, Package Three  76 votes,  Package Four 109 votes
Thanks to all Rotarians who completed the survey of possible Raffle prizes.  Package Four was most popular by a wide margin.   Our Annual Fund Raffle prize will be drawings for 7 prepaid Visa Cards.  We will draw 7 tickets and the winner will get a prepaid Visa Card for $1000.    On the third ticket drawn the seller of the ticket will be the winner to give incentive for selling more tickets. We will have the tickets ready for sale in early January.
On the survey we had several comments encouraging us to have an incentive for the seller of the winning ticket as we did for the cruise in previous years.    
Your next job is to start selling Raffle tickets in January.