The Blanco County Rotary members Jack Twilley, Leta Garcia (artist), Jan Gass, Jayne Lightfoot, and Betsy Scheffe (artist), and the teacher, Ms Rosalind Ellis who started the “ART for our Students” met to discuss second semester projects and schedules.
The school budget was forced to not have a Blanco Elementary art teacher so teacher, Ms Ellis decided to reach out to the community for help. Jack Twilley, project leader for the Rotary Club, and Rotarian Leta Garcia began to talk with the teacher. The leaders of this project motivated other local artists to assist in providing an art educational program. The Blanco County Rotary members voted to financially support the project and volunteer on ART days. This first semester went extremely well with over 229 students participating. The group pictured above met January 27 to discuss the plans for the rest of the year and possibly expanding the out reach to more students in the school year. This school teacher and local artists looked outside the normal box of curriculum development and found a positive outreach to use artists and the students to fulfill an educational need. If you would like to help please contact Ms Ellis at the Blanco Elementary School and provide your contact information to assist in the programs.