Members of San Antonio Northwest Rotary Club were at Dellview Elementary School (NEISD) on May 25 to award students participating in the Club’s CHANGE program.  
The CHANGE program has been in operation at Dellview Elementary for several years but had been limited in scope during the pandemic.  The Club’s 7-member award-team was excited to be back in the classrooms for presentation of this year’s awards.

CHANGE is an anacronym for Conduct, Health, Attendance, Neatness, Grades, and Enthusiasm.  Since Attendance and Conduct are essential first steps in the learning process, every 9-weeks two individuals in each grade level are selected by the teaching staff (total = 48 recipients during the year) to receive a ‘goodie bag’ (sport ball plus other items) in recognition of their excellent first-step performance.  At yearend, the teaching staff identifies two individuals from each grade level (total of 12) who have demonstrated the greatest overall CHANGE during the year.  These 12 students were each awarded a digital Tablet computer.
The Rotary team was assisted by the school’s Family Specialist, Mayra Martinez.  She provided noise makers and Hawaiian leis to liven-up the event and create a short-lived party atmosphere. A gratifying and rewarding time was experienced by everyone involved.