In 2019, Rotary International implemented a partnership with the United Nations addressing the concerns of plastic waste on our environment. This partnership calls for reducing the use of plastic, changing the industry to use less and different kinds of plastic, and implementing more recycling.  
The goal is no plastic pollution in our environment by 2050. For more information about this program go to
Locally, on Saturday, June 18th, the Beeville Rotary Club tackled out-of-control waste. Several club members met to start the clean-up of a major, well-trafficked thoroughfare in Beeville.  Across from the local Wal-Mart the buildup of waste, much of it plastic, seemed like an insurmountable job until Rotarians showed up to clean the site. Within two hours, the waste began to disappear, and the club volunteers suggested continuing their efforts each month to make Beeville a cleaner, healthier community.

The Beeville Rotarians who made this clean-up a success expressed frustration with the amount of plastic disposed of carelessly.  As one of the volunteers, I must say that much of the plastic had been there for a long time, embedded into the dirt, and was hard to collect for disposal. 
Thank you, Brian Watson, Jon Fischer, Sterling Smith, Lola Castro, Kirkby Townsend, Madeline Madden, and Mario Monjares for being people of action.