The Rotary Club of Blanco County has reached out during this school year by providing hygiene kits for families in the Johnson City and Blanco Independent School Systems. 
With the assistance of nurses, counselors, community resource officers and administrators, families in need were identified and kits were distributed by each school system.  Since the beginning of the school year the Club has provided several hundred kits to both our school districts.   The kits included such items as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, wash cloths, etc.
Recently the Rotary Club of Blanco County contacted both school districts to find out how we could help while the schools were closed because of the Coronoa-19 pandemic.  We were informed by administrators of each district as to the needs and when we could provide the needed materials.   Thanks to the financial support t of GVTC, Hondo National Bank and Waymond and Jayne Lightfoot of Remax Realtor the club was able to continue purchasing supplies and building the kits for the needs of many.
The Rotary Club of Blanco County has supported our school districts since the club’s establishment in 2018.  The Partners Assisting Literacy Success (PALS) program has purchased supplies for the Blanco Elementary School.  Also educating teachers, parents and students in Human Trafficking is another program sponsored by the club.  In partnership with the Blanco Education Foundation (BEF) the club provided the Blanco High School with equipment for its Audio-Video program and the Blanco Middle School with financial support for additional computers.  We also donated money to the BEF for their recent grant program to the teachers.  Last, the club has provided and continues to do so scholarships to deserving high school seniors in both districts to assist with their higher education.