We are looking at starting a San Antonio Military Rotary Club. First, I would like for you to consider being a member of this special San Antonio Military Rotary Club. Second, In order to do this, I need you to put on your thinking caps and reach out to your military friends/contact list. Our goal is to have 20 members by 15 March, 2020 who are committed to service-above-self.
These people should be people who can make a difference in our community like you. The focus of the San Antonio Military Rotary club is service-above-self with a key focus on military members/families. Examples of service project for military veterans like; visiting VA homes, support the freedom flight, military families or even military homeless. In other words, Military Rotary Members helping the military community with service projects in San Antonio (ie, military-helping-military). This can be military, retired military, those who receive VA benefits, military spouses, children of military, or those who help military in business. Friends, this is your opportunity to make a continued impact in your community. My contact information is dwayne.hopkins@sbcglobal.net, or on Facebook.
Benefits to the Rotary member in the San Antonio Military Rotary Club:
  1. Help needy military members (let’s make a difference)
    2. Meet other like military members
    3. You become a Rotarian (part of 1.2 Million Rotary members world-wide)
    4. Service-above-service, (Every single one of you already know what this is about).
    5. Contacts in Rotary for Business all over San Antonio and the World
    6. Opportunity to visit many other Rotary Clubs in San Antonio and world-wide
    7. Meet and connect with other like members (Local, National and International)
    8. Help eliminate Polio in the world
    9. Receive Rotary benefit.
    10. More about Rotary International: https://www.rotary.org/en
    11. More about San Antonio and District 5840: https://www.rotary5840.org