Every year the Canyon Lake Rotary Club (The Club) gives out education scholarships to bright intelligent and energetic youth in the area; and this is year is no exception.
The Club chose four applicants from a large group of hopefuls and it is with an abundance of pride that we announce the winners:
  • Grace Lockett is a Math major going to the University of Houston.
  • Jada Rainbolt is a Finance major going to UT San Antonio, and wants to become a financial advisor.
  • Brandon Robinson is going to Texas A&M and wants to become a Veterinarian.
  • Nash Young is a Biological and Agricultural Engineering major going to Texas A&M.
All of the students receive $2,000 per semester for four years and they must comply with annual obligations and requirements contained in the Memorandum of Understanding; an agreement between The Club and the participant.
For example, the student’s family cannot earn more than $75,000 in the year prior; the student must carry at least 12 credit hours the first year then 15 hours in each semester thereafter; they must maintain a 3.0 grade point average: they must provide grade reports at the beginning of each semester; they must attend one meeting at The Club; they must provide a video or written testimonial describing the importance of the funds.
In the past, the graduates became professionals and important contributors to our society.   The Club has had a doctor, a medical school student, multiple engineers, teachers, teachers of the year, a graphic artist, a corporate communications expert, a policy analyst for the state legislature, a member of staff in DC, and a physician’s assistant on the frontlines.
Money for these scholarships comes from fund-raising events sponsored by The Club, throughout the year, including the well-attended Romantic Rendezvous held in February near Valentine’s Day.   
Thank you Canyon Lake Rotary Club for the hard work and dedication your small but mighty group produces!