One thing I have noticed while visiting Rotary Clubs in District 5840 is how involved and motivated Rotarians are with Service Projects. Each Rotarian makes a difference in our communities with the power and energy to change the world which is reflected in the service projects. It is an honor to say “I am a Rotarian” knowing our District contributes so much to improve the lives of others with a Service-Above-Self attitude.
November is Rotary Foundation Month. Please consider a donation to the Rotary Foundation during this month. One way that I have found to be an easy and effective way to give to the Foundation by using Rotary Direct. This program allows a one-time gift or monthly recuring donation through an on-line link. The Rotary Direct site is very secure and safe
Last month, clubs throughout District 5840 pushed projects for Polio eradication. The pie-in-the face event was a very big success raising about $2,400 to help eradicate polio. I must admit it was nice to see DGE Monica and DGE Steve get a pie-in the face at the District Conference. That does not include all the efforts from each club with projects like Pints-For-Polio, Purple Pinky other creative fund-Raising efforts. The efforts to educate and raise funds to eradicate Polio around the world was clearly a District wide effort. Well done Rotarians. 
Many Rotarians just returned from the District 5840 Conference in Kerrville Texas. Wow, what an amazing event. The conference was filled with incredible speakers like Amber Scarborough, Pat Harrison, John Hutcherson, Jerry Hardy and headliner Kelly Atkinson. Clearly, all the awards presented to clubs and individuals are a reflection of an amazing year in Rotary. A heartfelt congratulations to PDG Kristy Vandenberg for a benchmark year. Thank you to all those who volunteered, organized, and set up the District Conference. Also, a special Thank You to the Rotary Club of Kerrville for all the club support. I know this event will be talked about for years to come.
Lastly, please share our Rotary stories with others so they feel the impact of Rotary in their heart making a difference around the world. Let others know about the Rotary Foundation, our fight to eradicate Polio and service projects in the communities. The more people that hear our Rotary stories…the more people will join our Rotary efforts. All of us can easily Imagine Rotary in our lives and around the world.