April's theme is Maternal & Child Health!  I know that many of you are already involved with organizations in your communities providing programs and services in this area.  When I look at the theme each month, I think about all the programs and services offered by our clubs that make us so relevant today.
Continuing our fight against Polio definitely falls under the category of Child Health.  Many clubs all over the world also help fight other childhood illnesses such as measles and chicken pox.  During a recent trip to Guatemala, in talking with a nurse practitioner, it was clear that information on nutrition and self care is necessary for overall family health.  Providing clean water is a critical area of concern too!
Recently I have been sharing, during my club visits, information about girls experiencing a menstrual cycle who did not have the materials to cope with this situation.  According to a recent study, 1 out of 5 girls in the USA do not have hygiene materials for their period.  This astounds me, as there are materials available and yet a certain population does not have them.  
Now is a great time to work with organizations in your community such as the schools, food banks and other social service agencies to see if they have these types of supplies for this summer and the upcoming school year.  They need to publicize their availability to their clients/students.  No one should have to make a choice whether they purchase food or these materials.
Let's develop partnerships now to insure that no girls have to miss a day of school, an event, or opportunity to get out of the house!  I believe that a lack of these supplies in our communities is a problem where Rotary can again #ServetoChangeLives!