How do we celebrate Membership & New Club Development Month? Several ways! Personally, we think about our business associates, friends and neighbors who might want to join the greatest Service Club in the World!
Then, we contact them and invite them, one at a time, to join us for lunch to learn more about how Rotary Makes A Difference!  
When we get one of them to attend, we introduce them to others in the club and invite them to help with a service project! We share with prospective members our personal reason why we are a Rotarian and how they can also Serve To Change Lives!
Talk to each person about the variety of club options available to fit their schedule: morning, noon, evening, e-clubs, satellites and perhaps a new “cause based” club that meets their passion. Right now there are two new cause based clubs focused on Ending Human Trafficking and for Military & Veteran members.  
Don’t forget the ask!!  Get them an application, offer to propose them for membership and submit the app!
Remember, one goal for this year is for Each One to Bring One!  We ask each of our approximately 2300 members to bring a prospective Rotarian to a meeting! If we all do this our membership will grow and we will be able to do more: foundation support, youth services, community programs & service projects!
I challenge you!  Bring a guest to Rotary soon and let’s Grow More to Do More!!