Posted on Jun 23, 2018
  • Improve synergy between Clubs and District
  • Enhance communication by leveraging ClubRunner, Rotary Club Central, & intermittent text/email communications [Business G Suite]
  • Grow membership through service projects and social events with the goal of retaining members and adding one per club
  • Increase Rotarian’s interaction with our Youth Programs such as Early Act, Interact, Rotaract, and Youth Exchange with an increase of 3 additional Rotaract clubs in the district communities
  • Promote Rotary and our service projects through social media and MyRotary
  • Grow Rotary knowledge and leadership through training in each division by hosting an information social [Meet, Greet, and Learn] in all 6 divisions to include membership, Public Image, Foundation, RLI, or whatever the clubs in the division request
  • Encourage each Rotarian/Rotary club to contribute to the TRF
  • Encourage a Polio Plus event in each division 
  • Identify and award a Hidden Hero in each club