Posted by Jerry Hardy
It’s end of year wrap-up reporting time for the 55 district grants supporting humanitarian projects of our district clubs. Thank you all for responding to our need for accountability and transparency. We’ll put a recap on the district website by summer’s end.
A boost to the money in the bank account for district grants is always proceeds from the district raffle, which this year was at pre-pandemic totals. That boost has us ten percent ahead of where we were this same time last year in contributions to the annual fund and the number is expected to go up as many clubs send final contributions ahead of the June 30th deadline.
The 100+ participants in grants management training sessions in May will recall PDG Doug Whinnery introducing the sessions at the Doug and Jerry Final Tour. We both wrap up many years of Foundation service on June 30th and welcome the new team of Xavier Toson as District Rotary Foundation Chair and Steve Darling as District Grants Chair. Congratulations to all of you for your service and financial contributions to this great organization.