Be sure to check out the District 5840 GSE Team blog  HERE. Below is an excerpt from one of their adventure-filled days in Suriname, on the northern coast of South America:

Monday was a well needed day of rest. Our hosts Cees and Ed took us for an exciting trip south, into the wild interior of Suriname.

As Kristin noted, we passed through a roadblock on our way, but even the well armed police officers were smiling and friendly and didn’t mind posing for the camera. We also stopped to examine a tarantula crossing the road. It seemed more annoyed than friendly, probably because our vehicles were blocking its path and we all know how aggravating it can be when your travel plans get delayed.

Our first destination was the enormous Afobaka Dam, where we donned hard hats and ear protection and got an inside peek at Suriname’s largest power supplier. Afterwards we drove up to a lookout point to view the vast Brokopondo Reservoir, a beautiful lake larger than San Antonio and surrounded by thick jungle.

Next we continued to the Bergendal Resort, where we enjoyed a buffet lunch, including some amazing fish in green curry sauce. Shortly after lunch it started to rain (who knew it would rain in a rainforest?) and the downpour was so intense that there was little else we could do but take shelter in the resort and look out at the small boats passing by on the Suriname River. The rain got so hard that one of the boats pulled in so its passengers could take cover in the resort as well.

On the return trip to Paramaribo, we marveled at the strange cola colored creek at Carolina, watched wild parrots fly over the jungle treetops, bought handmade souvenirs and purchased a strange local fruit that was very tough and stringy but tasted like bubble gum. For dinner we paired some tasty fast food roti with delicious homemade cuisine made by Ed’s family.

By the end of the evening everyone was well rested… ready for the next day, which would be our first vocational exchange and first Rotary Club presentation…