Every year since 2010, January has been proclaimed as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.  Take time in January to learn more about human trafficking and action steps your Rotary Club and each Rotarian can take to prevent human trafficking.
Action Steps To Make An Impact
Take Action: On January 11th, participate in the Department of Homeland Securities WEAR BLUE DAY to bring attention to the issue of human trafficking.  DHS’s Blue Campaign’s #WearBlueDay is on January 11th every year.   To raise awareness of human trafficking, we would love for every Rotary Club in District 5840 to gather on January 11th in Blue, take a picture and post it to your club’s social media page, newsletter, and website with the #WearBlueDay hashtag. Individual Rotarians can do the same. 
Raise Awareness: According to the United States Department of Education, raising awareness is one of the BEST ways to combat human trafficking.  Rotary Clubs should become aware of the reality of human trafficking in Texas. Individual Rotarians can increase their knowledge of the reality of human trafficking by attending on-line or in person comprehensive presentations.  Check out our webpage for more action steps, graphics and resources to Raise Awareness