This Spring the Jourdanton Rotary supported local and chain businesses during these unprecedented times to boost our economy. 
These items were in turn given to some of the members of the Jourdanton workforce who have been essential throughout the pandemic and had not otherwise been recognized.
Although many more are also deserving, this was a small token of appreciation the Jourdanton Rotary could show to Jourdanton essential businesses. JISD Cafeteria received bags of chocolate, JISD Central Office and Jourdanton Post Office got snacks and drinks, Lowe’s received Subway boxed lunches, Dollar General got gift cards to Joe’s Place, First Commercial Bank received lunch from Lauren’s Deli, and the Jourdanton Pharmacy was provided tacos from Chili Bandera and Rock House as well as ice cream treats from Dairy Queen. We thank them and others for continuing to serve our community during these hard times.