The water catchment project initiated by the Rotary Club of Fredericksburg and funded by the Nimitz Rotary Club, Fredericksburg Morning Club, Rotary Club of New Braunfels and Rotary Club of Canyon Lake as well as a District 5840 Grant and individual Rotarian contributions is well under way.
Construction began in the fall and is expected to be completed by late December.  On December 13 we were advised that the smaller tank has been completed, and the larger tank is 80% completed.
Initially the project was to construct a single 100 cubic meter tank.  With the $29,000 raised the local contractor in Katoma was able to build an additional 46 cubic meter tank.  Both tanks will include filtrations systems so that villagers in this community of 6,700 will be able to enjoy fresh, clean drinking water.  Currently women of the village make a 2-hour round trip to a dirty stream to fetch water in buckets.
We have had excellent communications and cooperation with the Rotary Club of Bukoba which is located just a few miles from Katoma.  Also, the local Catholic priest has been great to work with.  Early into the project we met with Sascha Kemper, an employee of USAID stationed in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Sascha‚Äôs parents live in Fredericksburg.  Just recently Sascha was able to visit Katoma and see the tanks under construction and meet with local villagers including the treasurer of the Rotary Club of Bukoba and the Catholic priest.  He is very impressed with the work that has been done.  We hope that projects in the future will include cooperation between Rotary and USAID.
As this project comes to completion the International Service Projects Committee of the Rotary Club of Fredericksburg is looking at ideas to provide more clean water and better sanitation in Katoma.  The Rotary Club of Bukoba is working on a needs assessment currently.
This project demonstrates how clubs in District 5840 can work together.  We encourage other clubs to look at projects where multiple clubs can accomplish needed projects.