In an ongoing effort to give back to those who selflessly gave to us through their military service, The Rotary Club of Kerrville (Morning Rotary) provided deer hunts for veterans this past month, thanks to the philanthropy of Morning Rotarian Randy McClay.
Randy McClay, owner of MC2 Ranch in Kerrville, donated whitetail deer hunts for two veterans. Unfortunately, one recipient had to cancel, but Army veteran, Tony Straube was on hand to hunt.
In the words of McClay, “It was a great afternoon with Tony Straube, hunt guide Bill Owen, and myself. Tony arrived around 3:15 p.m. He got his .243 rifle ready and we headed for the shooting range…”
“…After checking Tony’s rifle, we headed down to the deer blind. We spent approximately two hours, talking quietly together about prior hunting experiences…” 
“…Tony fired and appeared to have maybe hit the doe.  After waiting a short while, the three of us went and searched the area….”
“…There was no indication of a hit. After searching for approximately 45 minutes, it was agreed that the shot was a near miss by the rifle. We loaded up the ranger and headed back up to the ranch office and discussed the great time had by all.”
"It’s an honor to serve in Morning Rotary with those who are so willing to give of their time, resources, and enthusiasm to benefit others like Randy has so freely done,” said Ray Buck, Morning Rotary President.