The Rotary Club of Kerrville - Morning (Morning Rotary) ends this pandemic-influenced year by sharing the Christmas spirit with several organizations including the Kerrville State Hospital, Christian Women’s Job Corps, and the Doyle School Community Center.
After cancelling the Christmas party this year, Morning Rotary opted to continue gift-giving with the Kerrville State Hospital Volunteer Services Council (KSHVSC) by providing gifts for 25 patients at the Kerrville State Hospital. The KSHVSC is a non-profit organization that helps provide for the needs of Kerrville State Hospital patients when those items can’t be purchased with state funding, such as Christmas gifts. Morning Rotarian Waverly Jones coordinated with Caryn Talarico, KSHVSC community relations director, to develop the wish list for 25 patients with a $25 limit per patient. Requested gifts were purchased and if the cost of the gift was less than $25, cash was added to the gift for the patient to spend as desired.
“Helping other organizations is a wonderful way to share the holiday season. The Volunteer Services Council does so much for the patients at the Kerrville State Hospital, it is an honor to help them provide gifts for those less fortunate,” said Waverly Jones, project coordinator.
An unexpected, generous donation to Morning Rotary from Danny Bezet with Christian Bowhunters of America, enabled the club to donate 140 pounds of ground venison to the Doyle School Community Center (DSCC) to help those in need during this Christmas season. Lois Shaw, facility manager for the DSCC shared at a recent club meeting how she believed the donation to be divinely inspired. She told how a young family had lost employment due to COVID-19 related issues and was completely out of groceries. This donation will help see them through and provides hope during this challenging time.
"On behalf of the Doyle School Community Center, we deeply appreciate the donation of packaged venison. We were able to share and meet the needs of residents in the community," said Lois Shaw, facility manager for the DSCC.
Lastly, Morning Rotary received another unexpected and very generous donation of over 300 hundred bottles of hand sanitizer from Greg Nichols at HEB. Morning Rotary shared the gift with Ingram Tom Moore High School, Christian Women’s Job Corps, and the Doyle School Community Center.
“Greg (Nichols) and HEB have always been community-minded. We appreciate HEB’s generosity that allowed us to bless others,” said Nancy Riley, Morning Rotary service committee chair.