The Rotary Club of Kerrville-Morning recently partnered with local philanthropist and evangelist Danny Bezet of the Texas Hill Country Chapter of the Christian Bowhunters of America (CBA), and Mike Cagle, of Honor Veterans Now, Meals for Vets, to support veterans in the Texas Hill Country and across the state.
Morning Rotary facilitated a 128-pound ground venison donation to the Hill Country Veterans Center (HCVC) from the Christian Bowhunters Association. “Morning Rotary adopted the HCVC’s food bank as one of our service projects this year and we’re delighted that Danny and the Texas Hill Country Chapter of CBA partnered with us to leverage what we can provide,” said Ray Buck, Morning Rotary President.
In January of 2016, Bezet and other like-minded people of faith started the local Hill Country Chapter of the Christian Bowhunters Association, Inc. Their mission is to build a greater foundation for Christians in the Word of God and to seek those that do not know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. They bring hunters together to serve God and His Kingdom first.
“We are a 501c3 nonprofit that receives donations to feed the hungry, to circulate God’s Word and to provide a way to the outdoors in fellowship in Christ. God is the Ultimate Provider,” said Bezet.
In addition to donating to the HCVC food bank, Morning Rotary donated $250 to the Honor Veterans Now, Meals for Vets program. Mike Cagle, the state program director for Meals for Vets, was on hand to receive the check.
Cagle said that veterans over the age of 60 qualify for federal assistance when it comes to food security, but those under that age threshold can fall through the cracks. Veterans who are going to college, with the assistance of the G.I. Bill, often find themselves unable to pay for healthy food. So, the program is working with at least seven Texas-based universities, including the Texas A&M system. Meals for Vets is a flagship program of Honor Veterans Now, a state-wide non-profit organization whose mission is to serve a daily, nutritious meal to U.S. veterans who are struggling financially anywhere in the state.
“It’s an honor and privilege to partner with these organizations to serve those who sacrificed to serve us,” said Buck.