Posted by Jerry Hardy
My church history book notes that all church services were cancelled in the week of May 10, 1946 on account of a polio epidemic. Church services were resumed May 19 for adults and lifted August 1, 1946 for those under 21. That summer San Antonio had 85 cases and 11 deaths and epidemics followed until the Salk vaccine was available in 1955.
Covid-19 has stopped in-person services at my church and also stopped polio immunizations world-wide as we socially isolate.  Rotary is engaged in the fight against Covid-19 in many ways.  Our clubs are donating time and money to local food banks, similarly adding resources to feeding children out of school and catering hot meals for medical providers. Our Rotary Foundation has funded over $3 million in grants for Personal Protective Equipment and is fundraising so Rotarians can do even more.
Yes, there is concern about a resurgence of polio—not the 300,000 annually we had 75 years ago. But we will remain engaged in our commitment to End Polio. And like you, I am looking forward to a Covid-19 vaccine.