In September of 2018 Cheri Armstrong along with her husband Bill were invited by Roarian, Mr. Shaju Easo (Chicago, IL) to visit India in hopes of finding a club to partner with to invest $2500 of  The Randolph Metrocom Rotary Club’s money into a global grant. 
Cheri chose Indore, India in which there was a school that had many needs.  They were greeted with some of the finest hospitality offered to Rotarians around the globe.  Rotarians,  Mr. Rajendra Singhi, Mr. Rupesh Patel and Shaju Easo met with them the first night in India to get to work on a possible global grant.  We all recognized the great need that India has concerning the needs of the children and their education.  Cheri relayed to them a message from her club that they had $2500 that they could offer to a project they might have in mind. There was a certain school that all parties had in mind along with some other needs.  Cheri’s hope were to take her $2500  that she had been entrusted with and to get matching funds from both districts along with Rotary International.  Cheri had hoped with matching funds the club’s $2500 would turn in to  $15, 000.
Bill and Cheri were so well received that they also were invited to visit the home of a former and upcoming mayoral family.  Randolph Metrocom Rotary Flags were presented to all parties.  Word quickly spread that a couple from the USA, Randolph Metrocom Rotary Club  were pursuing a partnership with local rotarians which prompted an enthusiastic response from many Indian rotarians . The Rotary Foundation Global Grant Department worked tirelessly along with all parties to help make sure this project was a success during a Pandemic that was truly a health crisis.  Therefore it took a little longer than expected. Cheri never gave up.  She continued to follow up with the clubs of India and to encourage all parties involved that we would press on and PRAY.  There was a lot of prayer involved and a lot of hard work.  It is through the generous donations to The Rotary Foundation that made this possible.  Not only was the trip to India in 2018 a monumental one, for Bill and Cheri Armstrong,  but it will forever be remembered as a gathering of generous Rotarians working together across the globe for the good of the children of India and their education.   Through the generous contributions of local Indian Rotarians the dream of a $15,000 International Project was parlayed into  $76,800.00. 
Working Together With Those Who Have Servants Hearts.
“Service Above Self”