Posted by Charlie Wasser
With the support of several Rotary clubs a free health clinic organization has operated in California since 1989, and in Washington, New York, and El Paso. I wish to chat with anyone that might be interested in possibly being part of the startup process to create similar units in San Antonio and surrounding communities.
We are building an advisory board for each clinic in San Antonio and your participation would be to have a seat on the board of a specific clinic. The other way to be involved is to assist us in raising funds.
The name of this organization is a derivative of “Rotary Cares.” Many members of Rotary Clubs volunteer to lead, develop, support and enhance the availability of free medical care through RotaCare. RotaCare Free Clinics, Inc. has the mission of helping community members start-up free clinics in communities with high need and by supporting existing RotaCare free clinics as they offer medical care to individuals and families. Hopefully the concept will continue to spread around the United States.
Cost is the main reason people do not have health insurance.  Nearly half of the uninsured have no coverage for high-cost reasons. Without insurance it can be very difficult for individuals and families to obtain needed medical care.
RotaCare Free Clinics works with civic groups and corporations to sponsor and develop free clinics in communities with demonstrated need. As a member of the board, you would assist in spreading innovative ideas on how to ensure access to medical care in the San Antonio area.
There is a document explaining the RotaCare Free Clinics model that has been sustained over the past 30 years. As Advisory Board members, we would implement the steps outlined therein.
Hopefully this post has piqued your interest and you would like to discuss the opportunity. I look forward to serving with you to support the on-going success of the Texas RotaCare Clinics.
Yours in Service,
Charlie Wasser
RotaCare Free Clinics, Inc.
(RotaCare has a high percentage of Rotarians as volunteers but it is not a formal Rotary entity. That way we can recruit Rotarians but also non-Rotarians to participate in the inner workings.)