The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of pain and fear in the community, but local groups still look out for the community and the Wimberley Valley and help with those that individual and families that are directly affected.
“The Rotary Club of Wimberley applied for and received a Rotary District grant for $1,000 to help the Barnabas Connection in their COVID-19 assistance program. We are very pleased the district agreed with us that this is a matter of utmost importance, and as a group we are very happy we received this generous grant,” said Rotarian “The Barnabas Connection thanks the Rotary Club for their donation to help our community with COVID relief. The Rotary has been a community partner of the Barnabas Connection with providing books to the community and now we’re very thankful for their continued commitment to our community during this time of need,” said Barnabas Connection Executive Director Kate Sowell.