The Rotary Club of Blanco County in partnership with the Blanco County Emergency Medicals Service (EMS) are providing “Save a Life Kits” for citizens in our community . The population of Blanco County is over 11,000 people and the effort is being made by the Rotary for each family home to have a kit. 
Last year the Rotary Club for Blanco County provided 3,000 homes each with a kit and have on hand for a medical emergency.  This year we have 3000 more kits to distribute to interested neighbors and friends of Blanco County.
These kits are simple to use.  Each adult in the home fills out the medical form found in the kit, and then places that form in the plastic bag which is provided.  There is a little RED magnet in the kit which is to be placed on the outside of the refrigerator door.  The plastic bag with the medical form is sealed and placed in the freezing compartment of your refrigerator.
If EMS responds to your home, they will recognize the RED magnet  on your refrigerator door and find the medical information you have placed in the sealed plastic bag. 
THIS little step just may “SAVE YOUR LIFE”. 
If you want kits for your neighborhood, organization, groups of friends, or family members please contact the Rotary “SAVE a LIFE “ project manager, Sandy Switzer, 410 463 4076.