As one of the Chair's for District 5840's Halloween Event I would like to thank each and everyone of you that participated in "Morgan's Wonderland More Delightful than Frightful 2019" Event. We had over 100 adult volunteers and so many Interactor's I lost count.
Our Gate count was somewhat lower this year at around 2,000 paid entries - I believe that many was scared off due to the weather reports of a "Freeze".
Thank you for your candy donations and most of all for coming out and giving of yourselves. This year a matching District Grant was applied for and granted.  Big Thanks go out to the 7 San Antonio area Clubs participating to make it possible. 
Several other Monetary Surprises appeared in my mailbox this year (one of them was for $500.00 - you know who you are) which helped put us over the top in monetary donations.  Thanks to each and every one of you that dug deep and donated in all ways possible. 
Thank you  John Hutcherson, DG, Judy Hutcherson, PDG, Mike Canales, Jackson Moss and Jerry Hardy, PDG for helping with Park Supervision and Registration.
Thank you Ron Morander, CEO for trusting our District to make this a wonderful event for the past six (6) years, and most of all thank you Gordon Hartman for putting your whole heart and soul into developing such a wonderful place as Morgan's Wonderland. 
Last, but not least, I want our other Chair's of this Event, Jan Livingston, PDG and Lisa Herring, PDG to know just how much I appreciate their hard work in making this past six years so terrific.
Jo Ann Browne, R.N., President
Northwest Rotary Club