PDG Judy Hutcherson wanted to make our District members aware of this project, regarding solid waste management.  Christtel Cáceres Torres, Secretary 2018 - 2019, Club Rotario Tegucigalpa Sur - Honduras, District 4250, reported that along with fellow Rotarian Carlo Palmese, they created a presentation that they are sharing with clubs.  
In the presentation you learn that in their district they have people who make a living by recycling garbage. Their wish is to take care of the environment and help their communities to grow their economies by doing business out of solid waste management, as they currently do, but also by implementing a model that Rotary Club Sao Paulo Vila Alpina and the Recifavela Cooperative have been working on in Brazil. 
The Rotary Sao Paulo Vila Alpina project:
Susan Doxtator, Regional Grants Officer at Rotary and Bonaventure Fandohan, Rotary’s Economic and Community Development Area of Focus Manager wrote.  "When organized and supported, waste picking can spur grassroots investment into poor communities by creating jobs and reducing poverty, all while saving money for municipalities, improving industrial competitiveness, conserving natural resources, and protecting the environment." 
Christtel wrote to International Service District Chairs, to ask them to send this email to their districts. Her district needs support in funding and partnering with clubs in our district (be the international club/contact) required to submit global grants. If you are interested, please let her know so she can put you in contact with their district 4250 clubs.  rotary.christtel@gmail.com