Some brands are recognized around the world just by their logos. When people see the logo, they instantly know what it means and what to expect from the product. Building that kind of visual recognition requires effort, including years of using a logo widely and consistently. Companies work at this because earning that global recognition benefits their business.
Rotary also benefits from having a strong, recognizable brand. When people see our logos in print, online, or on social media, they should immediately recognize them both as representing Rotary and as symbols of an organization that takes action to make the world better. 

You can strengthen Rotary not just in your community but all over the world by using our logos correctly and consistently, which reinforces to the public who we are and what we do.
Rotary refreshed their visual identity in 2013 and retired the previous gold & blue logo. And just as Rotary International has stopped using previous logos, Rotary clubs and districts should also no longer use old logos in their signs or communications.
The Look of Rotary Today
When Rotary International introduced the new logo, they also developed guidelines to help clubs, districts, and other Rotary entities use customized logos to strengthen their ties to Rotary's worldwide brand. This shows the public instantly that clubs or districts are part of the global Rotary.
You can learn more by downloading resources from the Brand Center. The Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines 2019-2020 covers how to use Rotary's brand, from logos and images to messaging and the voice we use in written communications.
Rotary's logos reflect the story of who we are. They should be recognizable to allow people to instantly identify Rotary and what we do. Rotary is asking all Districts and Clubs to update their communications/promotional materials to the correct Rotary logo.