Last year, during the pandemic year, Travis Elementary had 610 in-school students and 110 online students – all students involved in the EarlyAct program and character building principals.
Last year was Travis’ 12th year to be involved in the EarlyAct program. Travis has a very active, energetic, self-ran Student Council. From the Principal, to the teachers you can feel the essence of the character building program is alive and well – from the day starting with all students reciting the 4-Way Test to seeing the character and values based behaviors of the students in the hallways and classrooms. Five years ago Travis student began a fundraiser for a scholarship to be given to an alumnus of Travis Elementary graduating from San Marcos High School. (the feeder HS of Travis) The Rotary Club would match that amount. That scholarship totaled $1,500 this year. Weekly class champions are presented an EarlyAct Rings of Character t-shirt and a medal. Attached is a picture of the Spring 2021 Rings of Character winners for all grades. Included in this picture are the Student Council leaders. The  Travis Rattlers look forward to their 13th year of having the EarlyAct program integrated into their school, and more importantly, into the lives of their young students!