The Winston School Interact Club held its 25th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at the Winston School Greehy Family Foundation Dining and Assembly Hall. Eight past Interact Club Presidents and other officers were on hand for the event. Army Captain Dominic Cavallini, a 2011 graduate of the school was the emcee for the night.
One by one all the former officers came to the podium to announce what they were currently doing and to give their account of how Interact helped shape their lives. Some of their favorite projects were the Turkey Run where together with Rotarians from the North Central Rotary Club, they passed out turkeys to low-income families for their Thanksgiving dinner. Another favorite event was the “Realiza Suenos” project, a collaboration between Rotarians from Cuidad Acuna, Mexico and the Boerne Sunrise Club. They brought Mexican children with disabilities to Sea World for a fun day. It was a dream come true for those children. Cavallini’s favorite activity was the trips to an orphanage in Piedras Negras, Mexico. He clearly remembers, “As soon as we arrived at the orphanage we would go out and play with the children. We wouldn’t stop playing until it was time to go. No one ever mentioned their living conditions but we all walked away knowing just how fortunate we were.”
All the guests are either doing well in college, or are gainfully employed at very interesting and respectable jobs. Some of the things they learned while members of the Interact club were team work, time management, and prioritizing. These principles helped balance the many activities they were engaged in while in high school. Undoubtedly, these young men and women are the Rotarians of tomorrow!
The Winston School Interact Club was chartered on September 22, 1985 under the guidance of Dr. Charles J. Karulak. The Interact Club is co-sponsored by the San Antonio North Central and the Boerne Sunrise Rotary Clubs.