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Calling All Rotarians - Support the Back to School Drive

Did you know that on average teachers spend approximately $500/year on classroom supplies and 1 in 10 teachers spend approximately $1000 or more.

As a former kindergarten teacher, I can connect to the needs that teachers have as they begin each new school year. These numbers are alarming as we enter into Back to School season as the priority for teachers should be to prepare for their new group of students; thinking about new ideas, engaging activities, and meaningful learning to take place. While these numbers may be surprising they are an absolute reality for teachers across local school districts. I might add that funding continues to be cut for public education which is very disheartening. As a professor who works directly with teachers, I know the needs that exist in our community and I understand first hand what it means to dip into my own pocket to supply my classroom with needed supplies. 

If we've met, you know I am committed to public education and if we do in fact want a quality education for ALL children we must support our teachers.  

Can I count on you to help support this great work? 

Contact Rebekah Piper, PH. D at Rebekah.piper@gmail.com for information.

For flyer information, click here.

Here is a list of supplies needed:  

             §  Glue Sticks

             §  Glue  

§  Crayons

§  Markers

§  Colored Pencils 

             §  Highlighters 

§  Pencils 

§  Pens

§  Dry Erase Markers 

§  Composition Notebook

§  Spiral Notebook 

§  Loose-Leaf Paper (Wide Ruled)

§  Copy Paper 

§  Cardstock

§  Construction Paper 

§  Post It Notes

§  Scissors (5 in blunt tip) 

§  Ruler

§  Erasers

§  Ziploc Bags (Quart and Gallon) 

§  Kleenex

§  Clorox Wipes 

§  Two Pocket Folders 

§  Hand Sanitizer

          Consider the following when making a monetary donation: 

             $1.00 provides 5 Glue Sticks 

$5.00 provides 1 box of Dry Erase Markers

$10.00 provides 10 Notebooks

$20.00 provides 3 cans Clorox Wipes and 2 boxes Ziploc Bags