Cuero Sportsman Club
902 East Bailey Street off FM 1447 (Bailey Street)
United States of America
Cuero will host it’s annual TURKEY SHOOT & RAFFLE Saturday June 19th 10am-3pm at the Cuero Sportsman Club, 902 East Bailey Street off FM 1447 (Bailey Street).
Proceeds from the event will assist Cuero Rotary Club in funding of their annual $6,000 award of academic-vocational scholarships to graduates of Cuero High School, pledges to C.A.M.A.L. House (food bank), and other services in the community of youth and adult needs.
There will be 12 or more shooting rounds with the winner’s prize of a value $100-$200.  Shooting Round entry fee is $10-$20 depending on the value of the prize.   Shooters that sign-up for “rounds all in” will compete in a cost-free round for a $100 VISA Card. 
Ten (10) Raffle Prizes range in value from $200-$500. Individual raffle tickets are $20 each, and for those that purchase a 5-ticket bundle they get a bonus ticket in a separate drawing for a $250 VISA Card. Raffles will occur at 3pm or 30 minutes after conclusion of the shooting rounds.

For more information, contact Rocky Arrell 361-571-7906 or Warren Siedel 361-275-4239.