There are amazing Rotary Clubs and Members in District 5840!  November is a great time to celebrate all the good works supported by the Rotary Foundation!  I have often been asked "Why do you personally give to the Rotary Foundation?"  The answer for me is very simple.
I believe that Rotarians across the world are making a great difference by responding daily to the needs of their communities.  Needs like clean water, food security hygiene facilities, schools, clinics, small business development and many more.  I know that my donations to the Foundation are making dreams come true for millions of people!  When natural disasters strike, I know that Rotary Clubs in that area are responding with basic needs and long term solutions.  My donations are helping with emergency needs like food, housing and medical care, along with rebuilding communities.
So, if you are sometimes overwhelmed by the state of our world, there is solace in the knowledge that there are 1.2 million Rotarians stepping up to respond and "Serve to Change Lives."  Services are being provided through local resources and the Rotary Foundation.
If you are not currently supporting the Rotary Foundation, it is easy to do so through Rotary Direct with a monthly, quarterly or annual gift!  Contact your President or Assistant Governor for more information.  Enjoy our cooler weather and Thanksgiving!