Posted by Joyce Waterfill
While at the PETS conference I noticed a brochure at one of the booths about giving shoes to children in Kenya. I put the brochure in my folder and forgot about it until one day I was sorting through all the papers from the conference,  I noticed the brochure and began to read all about RI 
As I read and learned that not only do they get a pair of new shoes, but they have the opportunity to go to school and their parents have the opportunity to get trained to earn a living for their family.  At the next Rotary meeting I took the brochure with me and brought it up in the meeting that this would be a good donation for our Club to participate in. In the meeting was one of our new members that spoke up and told the members that he knew this was a good program as he had participated with another group that had gone overseas and distributed the shoes to the kids.  He made the comment that you would not come away without shedding a bunch of tears. He also commented that the kids put rubber tires on their feet and walk to school and once at school they wash their feet and put on their new shoes.
So at the next Board meeting the Ballinger Rotary voted to make a donation to the the amount of $2250.00.  I know without a doubt that our club helped put some smiles on some child,s face.