In the first half of this Rotary Year, the Donor Advised Fund (DAF) has authorized $11,800.76 in matching grants. That means, as a minimum, during this Rotary Year, the DAF has helped facilitate $23,601.52 in humanitarian projects, to better our world through Rotary.
It is important to understand this in perspective. This amount (for only one half of the Rotary Year) equals and/or exceeds the level of grant activity we have seen in many single years...and outstrips, at times, the amount together for multiple years.  Thanks to DG Kristy for bringing the DAF more to center stage in District 5840 through the re-design of the District webpage and your personal commitment and comments to clubs in support of the DAF. Your commitment to the DAF has and will continue to generate dividends to District 5840. Further, from inception to now, these recent grants cumulatively have amounted to $ 64,256.66 in payments to the Foundation for their service.
We still have thousands of dollars for in-district use such as the awarding of PHFs to outstanding Rotarians. Even more exciting and thrilling, is the fact that the figure of $256,363.54, with the matching aspect, doubles to mean the DAF has assisted in the achievement of (a minimum!) $512,727.08 worth of Rotary-produced humanitarian projects and gifts to others. WE HAVE GONE BEYOND THE HALF MILLION $$ MARK!!!
When Jim Berg and I worked to set up the DAF back in 2001-2002, we both had a vision and a sense there was a great potential in our future for such a mechanism in District 5840 as the DAF. Honestly, I don't know if either of us at the time, had a figure in mind of half a million dollars plus!! What a thrill to have been part of this venture and make it a reality. I have been so richly blessed. 
DAF Committee members include: PDG Richard Baggett, PDG Jim Berg, PDG Wayne Merrill, PDG John Peterson and PDG Sherri Muniz