The Rotary Club of San Antonio Oak Hills is a partner with the Rotary Club of Nueva Rosita, MX to purchase/install the RO drinking water equipment and water distribution piping required for new water purification systems in multiple schools in the Nueva Rosita area. 
Federico Garcia is the Nueva Rosita Liaison with Oak Hills for this project.  The project is underway as noted in the pictures, but was delayed due to Covid and is now scheduled for completion by September for the 2021 school year opening.  Our total investment in the project to date is $9,500, including $6,000 from our Club and a $3,500 RI Matching Grant.  As you can see, the average cost is from $10,000 to $18,000 per school depending on the school size, so Oak Hills is hoping to cover at least 33% of the cost.  We are currently supporting the installation for one large school and one smaller school.  But we are proposing the same for 2 additional schools in 2021-22 and will provide that information when these schools are selected in the next few months.  Currently, the children in multiple schools in this area cannot drink the non-purified water piped to the school restrooms.  And the school kitchens are forced to use trucked in water for the most part.  These projects correct that problem and go a long way to ensure the health of the teachers and children in each school served. Most homes in the area have the same problem and are forced to use bottled water for drinking.  We understand that the local residents with attending children will also now be able to access the new purified water systems installed in their school after hours to carry home.