The Pleasanton Rotary Club is proud to announce its 2021 scholarship winners.  These students were recently honored at the Pleasanton HIgh School Awards night.  The club usually awards $5000 a year but was able to increase that this year to $6,000 in cooperation with  Rotary 5840 and district grant funds.  
The William T. Lawrence Salutatorian Scholarship was presented by Rotarian Jessica Tom to Blake Moos.  Blake receives $2,000. 
The Pleasanton Club also presents a Vocational Scholarship in memory of Gilbert Kuretsch, long time Rotarian and Pleasanton Ag Teacher, as well as Academic Scholarships in memory of long time Rotarians Jerome Brite, Bubba Wehman and Gene Clement.  Receiving scholarship certificates from Rotarian Jessica for these scholarships are Caitlyn Nieschwitz, $1,000, Sofia Aguilar, Renata Osoria, Sofia Rivera and Fe' Vielma, $500 each and Roman Cuevas, $1,000.  
The Pleasanton Rotary Club wishes to thank the community for its continued support of its fundraising efforts as well as Rotary5840 for working with the club on the district grant