Ms. Gloria Wilson does an amazing job as a Rotarian. Not only is she the Assistant Governor for District 5840, she is an active member of the Del Rio Rotary Club. Rotarian Eddie Amezcua is the Director of the Community Service Lane.
He works with AG Gloria and others on programs that support and serve the community. AG Gloria is the chairperson for Human Trafficking Awareness, outreach for the Women's Shelter, and for Rotary Housing.
Rotary Housing is low income housing for seniors, supported by the Rotary Club. Many residents are having a difficult time during the Coronavirus pandemic, having to spend most of their time indoors. On behalf of the Del Rio Rotary Club, AG Gloria purchased coloring books with pencils, decks of cards in Spanish, puzzles, and crossword books for residents of the 53 houses in the village. This will be a boost to their morale and show them that we care.