Test Your Rotary Super Powers .. and EARN prizes!!

Each MISSION equips your club with "super powers" to MAXIZMIZE your CLUB's potential faster & easier! Use the submission links below to submit your completed content. Check to the side menu for tips, resources and links for the MISSIONS. Must complete all Missions not including "Bonus" (to earn prizes). 

Mission One  -  Deadline  January 3, 2021
Mission Two - Deadline  January 15, 2021
Note that all stories and events submitted since July 1, 2020 will count for this Mission.
Mission Three - Deadline  January 29, 2021
Can use a current or an older photo (best if wearing Rotary Shirts but not necessary) with the People of Action template/photo filter
Mission Four - Deadline  April 1, 2021
Mission Five - Deadline   April 1, 2021
Mission Six - Deadline  May 15, 2021
Mission Seven - Deadline  May 15, 2021
Mission Eight - Deadline  May 1, 2021
Mission Nine - Deadline  May 1, 2021